Clean Up Green Up Campaign Update, May 2012


Nearly 200 residents from Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington gathered to rally in support of Clean Up Green Up prior to the PLUM Hearing.

In a major City Hall victory, on May 15, 2012 the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee voted in favor of the Clean Up Green Up motion.  With the vote, PLUM Committee Chair Ed Reyes and Councilmember Jose Huizar directed City departments to draft a work plan for developing Clean Up Green Up strategies and policy recommendations in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington.

Many, many thanks to all Clean Up Green Up campaign endorsers, allies and other supporters who turned out to the rally before the hearing and filled the Board of Public Works hearing chambers to capacity!  Over 150 attended and stayed until the hearing ended.  Thanks are also due to the many allies who submitted letters of support in advance of the hearing.

1. EMAIL PLUM Committee members thanking them for their strong support and the vote to move the Clean Up Green Up policy forward.  Email addresses: – CD1 – Ed Reyes – CD14 – José Huizar – CD12 – Mitch Englander – Clean Up Green Up campaign
2. Spread the word!  Post this update on your website and social media. Distribute it to your constituents and allies; ask them to endorse the campaign, if they haven’t done so already, by going to:

Prior to the hearing, supporters gathered for a rally to celebrate Clean Up Green Up’s re-emergence at City Hall. An energetic crowd of nearly 200 residents from the three Clean Up Green Up communities gathered on the sunny Spring Street steps, carrying brightly-colored signs and banners in support of clean, healthy communities.

Councilman Jose Huizar, who sponsored the Clean Up Green Up motion, spoke of the need for government, communities and businesses to work together.

Councilmembers Jose Huizar and Eric Garcetti received applause as they moved between English and Spanish to express support for Clean Up Green Up. Councilmember Huizar praised the policy as an innovation that might serve as a model across the United State. “It’s about building strong, healthy and economically viable communities by addressing pollution and identifying resources and support for business,” he said.

Special thanks to him and all at the rally who inspired and energized Clean Up Green Up supporters in anticipation of the hearing:

  • Councilmember Jose Huizar
  • Councilmember Eric Garcetti
  • Leonardo Vilchis, Co-Executive Director, Union de Vecinos
  • Janet Laredo, student leader at Banning High School, Wilmington
  • Dina Cervantes, Business Owner, Triumph Precision Products
  • Adrian Martinez, Natural Resources Defense Council

PLUM Hearing

Over 150 allies and residents attended the PLUM Hearing to support the Clean Up Green Up policy.

The PLUM hearing was as inspiring and enthusiastic as the rally.  Clean Up Green Up champion and PLUM Committee member Jose Huizar introduced the motion.  His comments focused on the cutting-edge nature of the proposed policy, combining economic development incentives with familiar planning tools and grounded in collaboration among residents, community groups, government and business.  His concluding remarks touched on the historic significance of the Clean Up Green Up policy that addresses toxic hot spots at the local level, drawing upon the City’s unique powers and resources.

City Planner Faisal Roble spoke about the need to address incompatible uses in new ways and the promising value of Clean Up Green Up performance standards for future updates of community plans and the proposed Health and Wellness Element to the City’s General Plan.

Our powerhouse line up of speakers included:

  • Nury Martinez, Executive Director, Pacoima Beautiful
  • Jim Sadd, PhD, Professor, Occidental College
  • Manuel Pastor, PhD, Professor, USC Program for Environmental & Regional Equity
  • Don Spivack, LA Collaborative consultant
  • Jane Warner, President and CEO, American Lung Association in California
  • Mario Rosales, Pacoima resident
  • Alfred Carrillo, Wilmington resident and Pastor, Apostolic Faith Church
  • Dina Cervantes, Owner, Triumph Precision Products
  • Michelle Garakian, Vice-President of Programs and Policy, LA Business Council
  • Joe Lyou, Executive Director, Coalition for Clean Air

PLUM Committee Chair Ed Reyes graciously recognized the important work of a number of our speakers and their significant contributions to the City of Los Angeles including Dr. Pastor, Don Spivack and Jane Warner.

Not surprisingly, there were some opposition speakers.  Both committee members pointed out that the hearing represents the first step in a longer process and many of their concerns would be addressed as the Planning Department engages the impacted communities and sectors as part of the policy development process.

In terms of next steps, the PLUM Committee directed the Planning Department to take the lead with other departments to develop recommendations to implement Clean Up Green Up strategies and policy provisions in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington including but not limited to:

  • Financial and planning incentives
  • Inspection and enforcement protocols
  • Administrative funding mechanisms; and
  • Design standards.

The Planning Department was directed to report back to the PLUM Committee within 60 days.

Pastor Carrillo of the Apostolic Faith Church in Wilmington delivered a moving testimony before the PLUM Committee voted in favor of the motion.

The City Administrative Office was directed to work with the Planning Department to prepare a report within 60 days that provides a cost estimate to implement the Clean Up Green Up strategies and policy recommendations.

A separate motion was also passed by the PLUM Committee directing the City Attorney to prepare within the same 60 day period an ordinance to create a trust fund allowing the City to accept and disburse funds, including donations from private donors, philanthropic and other contributions, for the development and implementation of Clean Up and Green Up strategies.  Many thanks to the Liberty Hill Foundation for leading a fundraising effort that has raised to date $100,000 in private funds to help the City undertake this work.

While the victory at City Hall is a huge step forward, our work is far from done.  We must continue to build a broad and deep base of support to ensure that the work on our pilot policy moves forward in a timely fashion.  We stand ready to work with the City and share our knowledge base with staff as they act upon direction of the PLUM Committee to develop recommendations for implementing Clean Up Green Up in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington.

Thank you once again for your support and watch for future updates and actions!  Together we can make Clean Up Green Up a reality!


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