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Resources to Clean Up & Green Up Your Business

Guide to Green HelpING Local Businesses Green Up and Grow

The Clean Up Green Up mission is to build healthy communities. That means supporting local business by helping entrepreneurs connect with the resources they need to go green and work more efficiently.

That’s why Liberty Hill Foundation, a member of the LA Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice, produced the Guide to Green. The Guide to Green—available here on-line or spiral-bound—is a comprehensive directory to point environmentally-minded business owners toward resources to help steer them through regulatory issues and improve the efficiency of their operations. That helps boost the bottom line. The Clean Up Green Up partner organizations have held workshops in Boyle Heights, Pacoima-Sun Valley and Wilmington for business owners to help them sign up for programs listed in the Guide to Green.

Click on the links below to access the Guide to Green and other resources to help your business go green and learn more about  Clean Up Green Up

G2G Cover


Guide to Green:  Directory of financial and technical assistance programs for businesses in the City of Los Angeles




Business FAQ


Clean Up Green Up: A Partnership with Local Businesses & Frequently Asked Questions





 Join the Campaign: Endorse Clean Up Green Up






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