Clean Up Green Up Los Angeles

Clean Up Green Up Means Business!

You can’t have healthy neighborhoods without strong and resilient local business. That requires targeted support for economic revitalization. The Clean Up Green Up proposal focuses on three LA pilot neighborhoods heavily affected by concentrations of pollution—areas that could benefit from additional economic support.

Clean Up Green Up would:

  • Connect businesses in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington with green money-saving government and utility programs to support energy efficiency.
  • Help sort through environmental rules to reduce the time it takes to figure out compliance. Clean Up Green Up eliminates uncertainty to increase business efficiency.
  • Guide business owners through permit processes, streamline permit applications and assist in seeking green business certifications.
  • Identify new business opportunities and financing to help enterprises operate more efficiently.
  • Set up a standard inspection schedule so business owners aren’t forced to contend with competing demands.

Clean Up Green Up will work to reduce pollution in these communities to make them better and safer places to live and work. Better environmental health means less illness, a better quality of life and savings on health costs and lost work time. Clean Up Green Up builds healthy LA neighborhoods that are good for all of us–—business, residents and workers.


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