About Us

The Los Angeles Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice

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The Los Angeles Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice is a unique association of grassroots groups, scientists, scholars and other supporters of clean, healthy communities in LA. The Collaborative formed in order to protect the health of residents in low-income majority-Latino neighborhoods in Los Angeles threatened by concentrations of environmental hazards.

The Collaborative includes community groups from Boyle Heights near downtown LA, Pacoima in the northeast San Fernando Valley and the LA port area of Wilmington.

Union de Vecinos, Pacoima Beautiful, the Coalition For a Safe Environment (CFASE) and Communities for a Better Environment joined with the Liberty Hill Foundation and research teams from Occidental College and the University of Southern California Program for Environmental and Regional Equality to form the LA Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice.

The LA Collaborative has worked on the ground in toxic hotspot neighborhoods to document the concentration of local pollution sources that mean elevated risks of cancer, birth defects and lung disease for residents there.

The LA Collaborative is proud to promote the Clean Up Green Up policy to create Green Zones in Boyle Heights, Pacoima and Wilmington. Clean Up Green Up aims to:

  • Reduce local pollution by making sure all local businesses play by good-neighbor rules;
  • Prevent new pollution sources—new industries can’t set up shop without meeting environmental health standards;
  • Revitalize neighborhoods by concentrating financial and other incentives to help businesses clean up and modernize with new technology

Public health, environmental, faith-based and community groups around the city have joined the LA Collaborative for Environmental Health and Justice in support of the Clean Up Green Up campaign. Supporters include the Heal the Bay, Inner City Struggle, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Tree People and SCOPE.

Clean Up Green Up is a pilot project in three LA neighborhoods—the idea is to test it out in Boyle Heights. Pacoima and Wilmington and explore the best way to apply sensible land use practices in other Los Angeles toxic hotspot communities.


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